Rita Vanbever

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The objective of this study was to determine the effects of formulation excipients and physical characteristics of inhalation particles on their in vitro aerosolization performance, and thereby to maximize their respirable fraction. Dry powders were produced by spray-drying using excipients that are FDA-approved for inhalation as lactose, materials that are(More)
Electroporation is the transitory structural perturbation of lipid bilayer membranes due to the application of high voltage pulses. Its application to the skin has been shown to increase transdermal drug delivery by several orders of magnitude. Moreover, electroporation, used alone or in combination with other enhancement methods, expands the range of drugs(More)
High-voltage pulses have been shown to increase rates of transport across skin by several orders of magnitude on a time scale of minutes to seconds. Two main pulse protocols have been employed to promote transport: the intermittent application of short ( approximately 1 ms) high-voltage (approximately 100 V across skin) pulses and a few applications of long(More)
Purpose. Electroporation, a method of reversibly permeabilizing lipid bilayers by the application of an electric pulse, has been shown to induce increased transdermal passage of molecules. The aim of the present report was to study in vitro with hairless rat skin the potential of electroporation for transdermal delivery of fentanyl. Results. The application(More)
Electroporation, i.e., the creation of transient “pores” in lipid membranes leading to increased permeability, could be used to promote transdermal drug delivery. We have evaluated metoprolol permeation through full thickness hairless rat skin in vitro following electroporation with an exponentially decaying pulse. Application of electric pulses increased(More)
Powder aerosols made of albumin, dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) and a protein stabilizer (lactose, trehalose or mannitol) were prepared by spray-drying and analyzed for aerodynamic behavior, surface composition and physical state. The powders exited a Spinhaler inhaler as particle aggregates, the size of which depending on composition, spray-drying(More)
Purpose. The aim of the present report was to systematically analyze the mechanisms involved in fentanyl transdermal transport by skin electroporation. Methods. The study was performed in vitro with full-thickness hairless rat skin, skin electroporation being carried out with five exponentially-decaying pulses of 100 V applied voltage and around 600 ms(More)
The objectives of this work were (i) to validate electrical zone sensing and laser diffraction for the analysis of primary particle size in the case of inhalation dry powders and (ii) to study the influence of the aggregation state of the powder on the sizing techniques. Free-flowing dry powders were prepared by spray-drying with a combination of albumin,(More)
We demonstrate that a primary source of elimination of inhaled macromolecules after delivery to the lungs and before absorption into the systemic circulation owes to clearance by alveolar macrophages (AM). Depletion of AM by liposome-encapsulated dichloromethylene diphosphonate is shown to cause severalfold enhancement in systemic absorption of IgG and(More)
Pulmonary vaccination is a promising immunization route. However, there still remains a crucial need to characterize the different parameters affecting the efficacy of inhaled vaccination. This study aimed at assessing the impact of antigen distribution within the respiratory tract on the immune response to a monovalent A/Panama/2007/99 H3N2 influenza split(More)