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Richieri-Costa and Pereira syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized specially by Pierre Robin sequence with cleft mandible and limb anomalies. There are a typical laryngeal anomaly which encompass short and round larynx, absent or abnormal epiglottis, and abnormal aryepiglottic folds. Most patients reported were from Brazil. We describe(More)
Objective : To verify feeding resources used prior to corrective surgery among cleft babies from Brazil and to discuss suggestions to improve common feeding problems around the world. Design : Cross-sectional descriptive study conducted at eight medical centers. Participants : A total of 215 parents or guardians of cleft children. Methods : Interview based(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the time of diagnosis of typical orofacial clefts in different Brazilian regions and its influence on age at surgical correction. METHOD This was a prospective, descriptive, cross-sectional study conducted in medical centers in the Southeast, South, and Northeast of Brazil. Trained speech therapists and geneticists interviewed the(More)
Goals/Background. To evaluate children's growth in the first year of life, who have cleft palate and lip, without the use of palatal plates. Materials/Method. Chart review was conducted, retrospectively, in the Center for Integral Assistance of Cleft Lip and Palate (CAIF), in Brazil, between 2008 and 2009. Results for both genders were compared to the data(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the treatments currently available for the remission of tinnitus, when associated with hearing loss is the use of hearing aids with sound generator. Such treatment is based on the capability that the human brain has to get used to a new sound over another. OBJECTIVE To describe the results found in a group of people who have undergone(More)
Speech language therapies in a bilingual dialogical clinic conceive language as interaction and part of each inidividual’s history, enabling deaf people to access Brazilian sign language and the Portuguese language. Purpose: this study aims to discuss the use of Brazilian sign language as the first language for a deaf individual going to a bilingual(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to analyze the written production of a deaf person who is in the process of written language acquisition. METHODS One person with hearing disability, called R., participated in this study together with his Speech Language Pathologist. The therapist, proficient in sign language, acted as an interlocutor and interpreter,(More)
Purpose The present study aims to analyze the perceptions of individuals with epilepsy about the disease and its impact in their quality of life (QoL). Methods This is a cross-sectional, qualitative and quantitative study conducted in a tertiary referral hospital associated with the Brazilian National Health System (SUS). Data were collected from 30(More)
BACKGROUND The World Health Organization has recognized the relevance of databases on craniofacial anomalies since . To date, there is no universal standard instrument/database focused on risk factors, clinical and genetic data collection, and follow-up that enables comparison between different populations and genotype-phenotype correlation. Although(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of hearing aids has been one of the strategies to reduce tinnitus perception and improve sufferers' quality of life when this symptom is associated to hearing impairment. OBJECTIVE To assess the remission of emotional and auditory tinnitus impacts on users of hearing aids. METHODS It is an experimental, descriptive study carried out(More)