Rita Sousa

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When looking for a target with a different slant than all the other objects, the time needed is independent of the number of other objects. Surface slant can be inferred from the two-dimensional images on the retinas using various cues. The information from different cues is subsequently combined to get a single estimate of slant. Is information from the(More)
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) lysis and lavage arthrocentesis with viscosupplementation are an effective treatment for acute disc displacement (DD) without reduction. Clinical success seems to be related to multiple factors despite the lack of understanding of its mechanisms. The authors present a case report of 17-year-old women with acute open mouth(More)
Headache is a common symptom after cerebral angiography, although it has seldom been studied. We aimed to evaluate the frequency of headache at 24 h and 6 months after angiography and to describe its characteristics. We used a cross-sectional survey of consecutive patients submitted to angiography and determined headache presence and its characterization.(More)
BACKGROUND The occurrence of headaches during cerebral angiography or endovascular procedures is an ill-defined issue, as limited information is available to define its frequency, risk factors, pathogenesis and implications for future pain management. PURPOSE To determine the frequency of headaches during endovascular procedures (HdEVP) and to define(More)
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