Rita Pongrácz

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Meteorological factors are well known to modulate human health status and the rate of death cases. The suicidal rate might have been influenced by climatic and seasonal triggering factors. In this study 4918 suicidal cases (3099 male, 1819 female) in Budapest were investigated in connection with climatic data, as daily maximum, minimum temperature, and air(More)
Climatic and seasonal triggering factors have received an increasing attention among risk factors of sudden cardiac death. The relationship between cold weather conditions and ischemic heart disease death is well established. In this study, there were 7450 (4967 males, 2483 females) cardiovascular death cases medico-legally autopsied between 1995 and 2004.(More)
Human settlements (especially, the large urban areas) significantly modify the environment. Atmospheric composition near urban gglomerations is highly affected mainly due to industrial activity and road traffic. Urban smog events are common characteristics f large, very populated cities. Furthermore, artificial covers and emitted energy modify the energy(More)
Drought events in a particular region often occur in case of long-term lack of precipitation coinciding with hot weather. Global climate change implies increasing global mean temperature (IPCC, 2001), which may occur due to the increasing average and the modified frequency distribution of temperature values. The main objective of our research is to detect(More)
Increasing load of air pollution in urban environment emphasises the need for detailed evaluation of wind characteristics that significantly affect the air quality of urban areas, especially, in large agglomerations. This paper includes analysis of urban wind cli-matology and estimation of wind profiles based on measurements of the new urban 5 climate(More)
The objective of the present study was to identify risk factors among epidemiological factors and meteorological conditions in connection with fatal pulmonary embolism. Information was collected from forensic autopsy records in sudden unexpected death cases where pulmonary embolism was the exact cause of death between 2001 and 2010 in Budapest.(More)
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