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Reexamining The Field Experiences Of Preservice Teachers
The following study spans three consecutive semesters of investigation into the teaching and learning responses of 77 preservice teachers enrolled in a 3-week language arts field practicum just priorExpand
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Information Technology (IT) and the Healthcare Industry: A SWOT Analysis
The healthcare industry is under pressure to improve patient safety, operate more efficiently, reduce medical errors, and provide secure access to timely information while controlling costs, protecting patient privacy, and complying with legal guidelines. Expand
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End-User Computing Strategy: An Examination of Its Impact on End-User Satisfaction
ABSTRACT Organizational attitudes and expectations regarding end-user computing (EUC) have changed radically in the past 25 years and have researchers describing end-user computing as a vitalExpand
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Validating teaching and learning communities for teacher education reform
Abstract Professional development schools (PDSs) have proven to be effective teacher preparation experiences across the nation; however, many must find creative methods of resource sharing to sustainExpand
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Workplace Reading I: Developing Useful Reading Strategies.
This learning module develops basic reading strategies of previewing new information, integrating knowledge, and recalling information in an organized way that may be applied to everyday life or work-specific settings. Expand
The Path to the New Russian Constitution A Comparison of Executive-Legislative Relations in the Major Drafts
T he process of constitution-making in post-Soviet Russia was long and torturous, involving multiple drafts from the major factions drawn up over three years, bitter negotiations, and ultimatelyExpand
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Workplace Reading II: Increasing Comprehension and Confidence.
This learning module focuses on reading for specific kinds of workplace information, interpreting that information, and summarizing main ideas. Expand