Rita Marreiros

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Alzheimer's disease primarily occurs as sporadic disease and is accompanied with vast socio-economic problems. The mandatory basic research relies on robust and reliable disease models to overcome increasing incidence and emerging social challenges. Rodent models are most efficient, versatile, and predominantly used in research. However, only highly(More)
Viruses can be conceptualized as self-replicating multiprotein assemblies, containing coding nucleic acids. Viruses have evolved to exploit host cellular components including enzymes to ensure their replicative life cycle. New findings indicate that also viral capsid proteins recruit host factors to accelerate their assembly. These assembly machines are(More)
Aggregation of specific proteins in the brains of patients with chronic mental illness as a result of disruptions in proteostasis is an emerging theme in the study of schizophrenia in particular. Proteins including DISC1 (disrupted in schizophrenia 1) and dysbindin-1B are found in insoluble forms within brain homogenates from such patients. We recently(More)
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