Rita Maria Aparecida Monteiro

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Hyponatremia is common in older people, most often of multifactorial origin, and can be associated with poor clinical outcomes. The aim was to analyze the frequency of severe hyponatremia (sodium concentration below 125 mmol/L), risk factors and mortality association in hospitalized older patients. A retrospective study was performed in older patients (over(More)
INTRODUCTION Lung abscess is a collection of necrotic and suppurated tissue located at the pulmonary parenchyma. Empyema is defined as the presence of pus in the pleural space. OBJECTIVES To study the clinical and microbiological characteristics, treatment and prognosis of patients with lung abscess and/or empyema admitted to an Internal Medicine ward. (More)
In this paper, the authors evaluate if the use of a venous drainage system in the cava vein (instead of the external iliac vein) presents differences in pancreatic transplantation. Between December 2000 and 2004, 105 pancreas-kidney transplants were performed. Patients in group A (n=49) underwent complete liberation of the right iliac vein for venous(More)
PURPOSE The widespread consumption of coffee means that any biological effects from its use can lead to significant public health consequences. Chronic pulmonary diseases are extremely prevalent and responsible for one of every six deaths on a global level. METHODS Major medical databases for studies reporting on the effects of coffee or caffeine(More)
The authors present a case report of fatal paraquat poisoning demonstrating persistently negative urine paraquat test. A brief review is also made, concerning the importance of blood test for paraquat, the false negative results in urine test and the need for new effective therapeutic approaches that can change the tragic course of most of these poisoning(More)
INTRODUCTION Mediastinal masses are tumoral lesions arising from intra-thoracic organs. They are an infrequent diagnostic challenge, requiring a structured clinical and radiological approach. OBJECTIVES The study of the clinical, radiological and pathological characteristics, treatment and prognosis of patients, with mediastinal masses, admitted to an(More)
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