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The assessment of patients following intracavitary irradiation administered as part of the treatment of gynaecological malignancy reveals vaginal stenosis in the majority. Vaginal dilators are available for daily insertion in an attempt to prevent the formation of adhesions. However, the design of the dilator neglects the fact that the vagina is the most(More)
genomic analysis of bacterial pathogens repertoire reveals genome reduction rather than virulence factors.caluso KR. Isolation of a rickettsial pathogen from a non-hematophagous arthro-pod. To the Editor: Mycobacterium marseillense was recently described as a new species belonging to the Myco-bacterium avium complex (MAC) (1). We describe a case of(More)
Pulmonary granulomas represent a common inflammatory reaction to several lung infective or noninfective diseases. However, little is known about the histology and clinical presentation of chickenpox-related granulomas in immunocompetent subjects. We collected a series of 8 adult patients (mean age, 40 y; range, 33 to 53 y) with several bilateral pulmonary(More)
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