Rita L. Civiello

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A series of bezimidazole-isatin oximes were prepared and profiled as inhibitors of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) replication in cell culture. Structure-activity relationship studies were directed toward optimization of antiviral activity, cell permeability and metabolic stability in human liver micorosomes (HLM). Parallel combinatorial synthetic(More)
Structure-activity relationships for a series of benzimidazol-2-one-based inhibitors of respiratory syncytial virus are described. These studies focused on structural variation of the benzimidazol-2-one substituent, a vector inaccessible in a series of benzotriazole derivatives on which 2 is based, and revealed a broad tolerance for substituent size and(More)
Structure-activity relationships surrounding the dialkylamino side chain of a series of benzotriazole-derived inhibitors of respiratory syncytial virus fusion based on the screening lead 1a were examined. The results indicate that the topology of the side chain is important but the terminus element offers considerable latitude to modulate physical(More)
BMS-433771 was found to be a potent inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) replication in vitro. It exhibited excellent potency against multiple laboratory and clinical isolates of both group A and B viruses, with an average 50% effective concentration of 20 nM. Mechanism-of-action studies demonstrated that BMS-433771 inhibits the fusion of lipid(More)
The introduction of acidic and basic functionality into the side chains of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) fusion inhibitors was examined in an effort to identify compounds suitable for evaluation in vivo in the cotton rat model of RSV infection following administration as a small particle aerosol. The acidic compounds 2r, 2u, 2v, 2w, 2z, and 2aj(More)
Herein we report the first room temperature Heck reaction of aryl bromides and CH(2)=C(NHP)CO(2)Me (P = Boc or CBz) to form ArCH=C(NHP)CO(2)Me, which are then used for the asymmetric syntheses of alpha-amino acids. We also report the first syntheses of ArCH=C(OCOAr(1))CO(2)Me (Ar(1) = Ph, 4-Cl-Ph) from ArBr and CH(2)=C(OCOAr(1))CO(2)Me by the Heck reaction(More)
Extensive SAR studies and optimization of ADME properties of benzimidazol-2-one derivatives led to the identification of BMS-433771 (3) as an orally active RSV fusion inhibitor. In order to extend the structure-activity relationships for this compound series, substitution of the benzimidazole ring was examined with a view to establishing additional(More)
An efficient solid-phase synthesis of benzisothiazolone-1,1-dioxide-based serine protease inhibitors involving alkylation of carboxylic acids with N-(bromomethyl)benzisothiazolone-1,1-dioxide has been developed. An example using this procedure for preparation of a library of human mast cell tryptase inhibitors is described.
In our continuing efforts to identify CGRP receptor antagonists that can be dosed orally for the treatment of migraine headache, we have investigated a pyridine bioisosteric replacement of a polar amide portion of a previous lead compound, BMS-694153. Pyridine derivatives were discovered and their SAR was studied. Some of them showed excellent binding(More)