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We present a comparison of three cluster finding algorithms from imaging data using Monte Carlo simulations of clusters embedded in a 25 deg 2 region of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) imaging data: the Matched Filter (MF; Postman et al. 1996), the Adaptive Matched Filter (AMF; Kepner et al. 1999) and a color-magnitude filtered Voronoi Tessellation(More)
We investigate the evolution of the fractions of late type cluster galaxies as a function of redshift, using one of the largest, most uniform cluster samples available. The sample consists of 514 clusters of galaxies in the range 0.02≤z≤0.3 from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Cut & Enhance galaxy cluster catalog. This catalog was created using a single(More)
We present here results on the composite luminosity functions (LF) of galaxies in the clusters of galaxies selected from the Cut and Enhance cluster catalog (CE) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We constructed composite LFs in the five SDSS bands, u, g, r, i and z, using 204 CE clusters ranging from z = 0.02 to z = 0.25. Background and foreground galaxies(More)
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