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The applicability of an ELISA for detection and quantification of benalaxyl in red wine samples is described. The study of the influence of this matrix on the reliability of the assay indicates that red wine samples require a rapid and simple cleanup step before ELISA assay. Recovery and precision of the method were evaluated by spiking red wine samples(More)
Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a well-known approach for correlating the failure modes of a system to their effects, with the objective of assessing their criticality. The criticality of a failure mode is traditionally established by its risk priority number (RPN), which is the product of the scores assigned to the three risk factors, which are(More)
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) logistic handling system are widely adopted when high transportation capacity and quality of service are the most important characteristics to reach. A large number of mathematical approaches have been developed in years to address AGV systems design and control. Nevertheless, proper performance estimations have to consider(More)
The content of hazardous components in Waste arising from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a major concern that urges governments and industry to take measures to ensure proper treatment and disposal. Thus, the European Union issued directives to encourage reuse, recycling and other proper forms of recovery of such waste while companies and(More)
Items with irregular and sporadic demand profiles are frequently tackled by companies, given the necessity of proposing wider and wider mix, along with characteristics of specific market fields i.e., when spare parts are manufactured and sold . Furthermore, a new company entering into the market is featured by irregular customers’ orders. Hence, consistent(More)
The paper presents advanced issues in modelling and simulation of complex packaging line. In particular, we developed a theoretical model of a line with two machines and a buffer, which is a simplified version of a real packaging line from Tetra Pak company. The paper reports also about simulation results that confirm theoretical supposals.
The definition and utilisation of engineering indexes in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) is an issue of interest for technicians and scientists, which is widely discussed in literature. Specifically, the availability of consolidated engineering indexes is useful when new waste collection services are designed, along with when their(More)
The main metabolites formed from Iprodione and Procymidone during the composting process have been isolated and identified by HPLC-DAD-MSD. After addition of the fungicides to the composting pile, we monitored the reaction of the two analytes and the formation of their degradation products for eight months. We verified the nature of the metabolites by(More)
The design and management of a multi-stage production/distribution system is one of the most critical problem in logistics and in facility management. This manuscript deals with the so called facility locationallocation problem, i.e. with the simultaneous decisions regarding the design, management, and control of a distribution network. In particular the(More)