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Facebook Involvement, Objectified Body Consciousness, Body Shame, and Sexual Assertiveness in College Women and Men
Given the heightened attention to visual impression management on social media websites, previous research has demonstrated an association between Facebook use and objectified body consciousnessExpand
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Contributions of Social Comparison and Self-Objectification in Mediating Associations Between Facebook Use and Emergent Adults' Psychological Well-Being
We tested the role of social comparison and self-objectification as possible mediators of the link between Facebook use and three facets of psychological well-being: self-esteem, mental health, and body shame. Expand
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Parent Involvement Is Associated With Early Success in Obesity Treatment
Objective: The study examined the influence of parent involvement and family factors on body mass index (BMI) change in a pediatric obesity treatment program. Methods: A total of 104 children andExpand
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Why Is Fraternity Membership Associated With Sexual Assault? Exploring the Roles of Conformity to Masculine Norms, Pressure to Uphold Masculinity, and Objectification of Women
Despite consistent evidence that fraternity membership is associated with greater perpetration and acceptance of sexual violence, less is known about why this link occurs. In this study, we useExpand
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Contributions of Diverse Media to Self-Sexualization among Undergraduate Women and Men
Although everyday exposure to media content that sexually objectifies women is believed to lead women to sexualize themselves, research testing this connection has produced mixed results. MostExpand
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Feminist perspectives on body image and physical appearance
Women in Western cultures are encouraged by society to manipulate their bodies to try to achieve unrealistic ideals associated with thinness, the ‘right’ amount of sexiness, and youth. The feministExpand
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Media Use and Men’s Risk Behaviors: Examining the Role of Masculinity Ideology
Although research indicates significant associations between exposure to certain types of media and men’s participation in high-risk behaviors, less is known about the potential mediating role ofExpand
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Isn’t it romantic? Differential associations between romantic screen media genres and romantic beliefs.
The goal of the present study was to investigate the associations between exposure to different genres of romantic screen media and idealistic romantic beliefs. Participants were 625 college studentsExpand
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A Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of the Impact of Galantamine on Anterograde Memory Impairment During Electroconvulsive Therapy
Background Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) continues to be an effective treatment option for patients who fail to respond to pharmacological interventions, are unable to tolerate medications, andExpand
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Sexual harassment against men: Examining the roles of feminist activism, sexuality, and organizational context.
The current study investigated men’s experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace, including sexually advancing harassment (e.g., unwanted touching) and gender harassment (e.g., derogatoryExpand
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