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Being involved in the development of a high standing Web site without having the necessary amount of money, we came to the idea of creating a set of basic features that Web sites should inevitably have in order to meet customers quality basic expectations. The paper reports on the development of the methodology created to face the research question. The(More)
There are evidences, both from theoretical and managerial perspective, that team creativity is one of success factor for ICT innovative projects. This article focuses on the team design for ICT project, considering the relevance of the collective creative dimension. What is the relationship between individual and collective creativity? How to design and(More)
The article has a theoretical purpose. It develops a framework about the role of trust in e-government services. It focuses in particular on the initial stage of the relationship between a user and a public administration engaged in the provision of e-government services. In this context the authors aim to develop a theoretical framework showing the role(More)
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