Rita Asemann

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Orexins are endogenous neuropeptides synthesized in hypothalamic neurones; they play a major role in the regulation of feeding, drinking, endocrine function and sleep/wakefulness that is often disturbed in major depression. The aim of this study was to explore Orexin A expression and promotermethylation in peripheral blood cells of 29 patients (14 male and(More)
OBJECTIVE The hypothesis of a lunar influence on human abnormal behavior is still widespread, although research has led to conflicting findings. Therefore, a population-based study to assess the influence of lunar phases on violent crimes was conducted. METHODS The study included all serious crimes of battery (aggravated assaults) committed in Middle(More)
The incidence of mental and somatic sequelae is very high in the group of persons damaged by the Holocaust. Based on the sociomedical criteria prevailing in Germany, the assessment of persecution-induced reduction in earning capacity of Holocaust victims (vMdE) is mainly orientated towards direct Holocaust-induced somatic and mental sequelae but must also(More)
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