Risto Teittinen

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The development of mobile telecommunications systems poses numerous testing challenges that have become more severe over time. We can categorize these challenges as increasing complexity, shorter time to market, and more exacting quality requirements. At Nokia, we expected that the Testing and Test Control Notation 3 (TTCN-3) technology to address such(More)
Model-based Testing (MBT) is an approach for generating test cases automatically from abstract models of the system under test (SUT). The resulting test cases are also abstract and they have to be concretized before being applied to the SUT. This task is typically delegated to the test adaptation layer. The test adaptation is usually created manually which(More)
Model-based testing of software has proved effective for automation of testing and efficient error discovery, by utilizing modeled behavior of the system under test and automated test case generation. One of the important challenges in model-based testing is locating the fundamental sources of encountered errors. A root cause analysis solution should be(More)
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