Risto Lahdelma

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In environmental planning and decision processes several alternatives are analyzed in terms of multiple noncommensurate criteria, and many different stakeholders with conflicting preferences are involved. Based on our experience in real-life applications, we discuss how multicriteria decision aid (MCDA) methods can be used successfully in such processes.(More)
The European electricity market has been deregulated recently. This means that energy companies must optimize power generation considering the rapidly fluctuating price on the spot market. Optimisation has also become more difficult. Novel production technologies, such as gas turbines (GT), combined heat and power generation (CHP), and combined steam and(More)
In this paper we describe a real-life application of an ordinal multicriteria method in the context of choosing a location for a waste treatment facility near Lappeenranta in South-Eastern Finland. The associated environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure is briefly described. The application was characterized by two interesting properties: no(More)
Stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis (SMAA) is a family of methods for aiding multicriteria group decision making in problems with inaccurate, uncertain, or missing information. These methods are based on exploring the weight space in order to describe the preferences that make each alternative the most preferred one, or that would give a certain(More)
Combined heat and power (CHP) production is an increasingly important energy production technology. CHP production is usually applied in back pressure plants, where the heat and power generation follows a joint characteristic. A CHP system may also comprise separate heat and power production facilities. Cost-efficient operation of a CHP system can be(More)
We describe a real-life application of a new multicriteria method in the context of assisting the decision-making for a general plan in the municipality of Kirkkonummi in Uusimaa, Finland. At the time our group started working on the problem, a proposal for an overall plan had already been completed, but the order in which different regional parts of the(More)