Rishiraj A. Bheda

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Phase Change Memory (PCM) has recently attracted a lot of attention as a scalable alternative to DRAM for main memory systems. As the need for high-density memory increases, DRAM has proven to be less attractive from the point of view of scaling and energy consumption. PCM-only memories suffer from latency issues, high write energy, and the problem of(More)
This paper presents Manifold, an open-source parallel simulation framework for multicore architectures. It consists of a parallel simulation kernel, a set of microarchitecture components, and an integrated library of power, thermal, reliability, and energy models. Using the components as building blocks, users can assemble multicore architecture simulation(More)
Many new non-volatile memory technologies have been considered as a future scalable alternative to DRAM. Memory technologies such as MRAM, FeRAM, PCM have emerged as the most viable alternatives. But these memories have limited wear endurance. Practically realizable main memory systems employing these memory technologies are possible only if the wear across(More)
Optimal use of available memory bank-level parallelism and channel bandwidth heavily impacts the performance of an application. Research studies have focused on improving bandwidth utilization by employing scheduling policies and request re-ordering techniques at the memory controller. However, potential to extract memory performance by intelligent page(More)
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