Rishikesh Parthasarathi

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An inevitable collision state (ICS) for a robotic system is a state for which, no matter what the future trajectory followed by the system is, a collision with an obstacle eventually occurs. The ICS concept takes into account both the dynamics of the robotic system and the future motion of the moving objects of the environment. For obvious safety reasons, a(More)
Abstrsact — Network-on-chip(NoC) architectures are emerging for the highly scalable, reliable, and modular on-chip communication infrastructure platform. The NoC architecture uses layered protocols and packet-switched networks which consist of on-chip routers, links, and network interfaces on a predefined topology. In this Project, we design network-on-chip(More)
This paper presents a new approach of online generation and tuning of fuzzy inference systems (FIS) using unsupervised learning (OGFIS-UL). The proposed approach is capable of generating the antecedents of the FIS and selecting the best consequents automatically. The antecedents are generated and tuned using the fuzzy multi-agent structure learning (FMASL)(More)
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