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Mixing within the microdomain is limited because convective mixing cannot be achieved since diffusion dominates as the main form of transport. Hence microassays can take on the order of 1 to 72 h, without the aid of a passive or active mixer to shorten the time of transport of a target molecule to a probe (Lai et al., 2004). Liu et al. (2002, 2003)(More)
Trace quantities of zirconium were preconcentrated on a series of chelating resins. The experimental conditions for preconcentration such as pH, time and metal ion concentration were optimized for the batch processes. Continuous flow manifolds were developed for the on-line preconcentration of zirconium using microcolumns containing chelating resins.(More)
Oxine/formaldehyde/resorcinol and oxine/formaldehyde/hydroquinone resins have been synthesized and their physicochemical properties studied. Conditions were optimized for the preconcentration of copper by batch extraction and column chromatography with the resins. A flow-injection analysis (FIA) manifold was constructed for the determination of copper at ng(More)
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