Rishi Kumar Pandey

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Motifs of 7-8 amino acids were designed from the β-continuous interfaces of non-related homo-oligomeric proteins. These peptides intrinsically self-assembled into nanoarchitectures in water, while retaining some properties of their parent interfaces, especially reversibility of assembly. These results reveal a novel source of native peptide tectons.
In this paper, the implementation of oscillators in the subthreshold region is proposed. The ring and coupled ring oscillators are implemented. The technique of swapped body biasing technique has been introduced for coupled ring oscillators to enhance their performance. The functionality of the oscillators in subthreshold region is verified through(More)
Chlorophenols are a class of chemicals commonly used in preservatives, disinfectants, algaecides, herbicides and pesticides. However, there is a growing evidence that these compounds are a threat to human health. This is alarming as many chlorophenols are common pollutants found in the global environment at potentially biohazardous levels. Despite(More)
The hepatitis B virus × protein (HBx) of Hepatitis B virus activates AP-1 protein and causes the down regulation of PTEN (full name) and p53 leads to the tumor formation in liver. In this study, the interactions between DNA and AP-1 have been targeted by docking of natural compounds epigallocatechine gallate (EGCG), curcumin, luteoline, genistein, ellagic(More)
Poly (delta-L-Orn) is an example of an iso-polypeptide (i.e. variant of the usual poly a-peptide chain), where the a-carboxyl and delta-amino groups of ornithine are used in polymerization while the a-amino groups form the side chain. A procedure for the synthesis of this iso-polypeptide is described. Circular dichroism studies of poly (delta-L-Orn) and its(More)
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