Rishi Das Roy

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Eubacterial genomes vary considerably in their nucleotide composition. The percentage of genetic material constituted by guanosine and cytosine (GC) nucleotides ranges from 20% to 70%.  It has been posited that GC-poor organisms are more dependent on protein folding machinery. Previous studies have ascribed this to the accumulation of mildly deleterious(More)
Improvement of the Redox System for growth of M. leprae as brought about by modification in the concentration and mode of preparation of individual media constituents, and by addition of newer substances, is being reported. A structural modification in the construction of the Thunberg's tubes and flasks that are used as culture vessels, has been introduced(More)
Considerable growth enhancement, largely as non-acid fast, slender and long rods has been seen when incubated at 10 degrees C. Concentration of some of the media constituents have been reduced that has improved the quantum of growth. A remarkable proneness to physical disintegration of the grown bacilli has been seen and its significance discussed. Also,(More)
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