Rishi Das Roy

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The Indian Genome Variation Consortium (IGVC) project, an initiative of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, has been the first large-scale comprehensive study of the Indian population. One of the major aims of the project is to study and catalog the variations in nearly thousand candidate genes related to diseases and drug response for(More)
Machine learning (ML) has been extensively applied to develop models and to understand high-throughput data of biological processes. However, new ML models, trained with novel experimental results, are required to build regularly for more precise predictions. ML methods can build models from numeric data, whereas biological data are generally textual (DNA,(More)
Eubacterial genomes vary considerably in their nucleotide composition. The percentage of genetic material constituted by guanosine and cytosine (GC) nucleotides ranges from 20% to 70%.  It has been posited that GC-poor organisms are more dependent on protein folding machinery. Previous studies have ascribed this to the accumulation of mildly deleterious(More)
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