Rishi Chandy

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User-generated online reviews can play a significant role in the success of retail products, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, review systems are often targeted by opinion spammers who seek to distort the perceived quality of a product by creating fraudulent reviews. We propose a fast and effective framework, FRAUDEAGLE, for spotting fraudsters and fake(More)
Can one use cell phones for earthquake early warning? Detecting rare, disruptive events using community-held sensors is a promising opportunity, but also presents difficult challenges. Rare events are often difficult or impossible to model and characterize a priori, yet we wish to maximize detection performance. Further, heterogeneous, community-operated(More)
The article describes the design of the Community Seismic Network, which is a dense open seismic network based on low cost sensors. The inputs are from sensors hosted by volunteers from the community by direct connection to their personal computers, or through sensors built into mobile devices. The server is cloud-based for robustness and to dynamically(More)
Popular apps on the Apple iOS App Store can generate millions of dollars in profit and collect valuable personal user information. Fraudulent reviews could deceive users into downloading potentially harmful spam apps or unfairly ignoring apps that are victims of review spam. Thus, automatically identifying spam in the App Store is an important problem. This(More)
Can cell phones be used to detect earthquakes? The Community Seismic Network (CSN) is building a dense sensor network from inexpensive and community owned sensors, such as cell phones and USB accelerometers. Detecting rare events such as earthquakes is a difficult sensing problem, and is compounded by the wide variations among sensors in a heterogeneous(More)
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This paper aims to highlight the challenging requirements when designing photonic components in the context of requirements of characterisation, qualification and long term reliability of the components to ensure that Optical systems are adequately qualified for implementation. Review of reliability testing in order to understand and eliminate some of the(More)
Google Buzz is a novel online service that presents new opportunities for social network analysis. By initializing the Buzz network with existing Gmail contacts, Google provides a unique dataset that may reflect a different aspect of online communication from those found in existing networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In this paper we design heuristic(More)
The “Did You Feel It?” program developed by the U.S. Geological Survey provides a relatively accurate online earthquake intensity map based on qualitative user reports. To further leverage the power of the community, this project uses inexpensive strong-motion sensors (three-axis accelerometers) connected to personal computers to pinpoint the location of an(More)
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