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Bioreactor systems involve complex biochemical reactions, which make the systems highly non-linear in nature. Developing model based controllers for such processes require mathematical representations, which are simple, yet capable of capturing the non-linear process characteristics. Continuous bioreactor falls under the class of non-linear systems that(More)
— This papers proposes new ways to enforce convergence to equilibria for Economic Model Predictive Control schemes. Economic Model Predictive Control is a control technique capable of optimizing an economic performance index while enforcing state and input constraints. For nonlinear systems and/or non-convex cost functionals, performance optimization may(More)
— This paper focuses on the application of a non-linear model predictive control (MPC) method to coal-based integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plants with water gas shift membrane reactors (WGS-MR) for pre-combustion capture of CO2. A systems-level nonlinear model of the integrated IGCC-MR process is introduced. The simulation results for a(More)
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