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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are prone to propagating malware because of special characteristics of sensor nodes. Considering the fact that sensor nodes periodically enter sleep mode to save energy, we develop traditional epidemic theory and construct a malware propagation model consisting of seven states. We formulate differential equations to represent(More)
We propose a novel SVM (Support Vector Machine) kernel for classifying partially occluded images in the process of video tracking. The SVM kernel (called Bhattacharyya kernel) is derived from Bhattacharyya coefficient. In our study, the validity of Bhattacharyya kernel is proven. We use kernel density estimation of histogram as SVM's feature space.(More)
A novel BA complex network model of color space is proposed based on two fundamental rules of BA scale-free network model: growth and preferential attachment. The scale-free characteristic of color space is discovered by analyzing evolving process of template's color distribution. And then the template's BA complex network model can be used to select(More)
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