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The design of 45 degree multilayer microstrip-slot phase shifter operating at 2.45GHz is presented in this paper. The device consists of a ground conductor layer in the middle of the two substrates.The design is accomplished with the use of design software and EM analysis. Low insertion loss and good return loss performances at 2.45GHz for the designed(More)
In this paper, an array of series fed antenna based on tapering patch width and through element is presented. The antenna has wide impedance bandwidth of 16.18% covering from 5.34 GHz to 6.28 GHz with a gain of 6.53 dBi. The use of through element technique reduces the overall length of array structure by 25.47%. It also has lower side lobe level, and wider(More)
Ancient documents play an important role in history. Various information regarding the literature, tradition and culture is kept in these documents. These heaps of documents are degraded because of some climatic circumstances, low quality and inappropriate holding. This paper reviews on the techniques used to retrieve the necessary content from these(More)
This paper presents a compact 3-dB coupler on a dual substrate layer with a rectangular slotted microstrip ground plane. The coupler is designed for operating frequency at 2.45 GHz using an inexpensive FR-4 substrate. A compact coupler design with dimension of 19 mm x 7.5 mm offers a size reduction of 62% while simultaneously enhanced the bandwidth to 42.7%(More)
In this paper, a crescent moon-shaped artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) for patch antenna ground application is presented. The AMC is designed to operate at 3.5 GHz with a bandwidth of 5 %. A patch antenna operate at similar operating frequency has been designed to serves as a reference antenna. Subsequently, the proposed AMC is incorporate with the patch(More)
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