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  • 1992
For 150 undergraduate students (50 men, 100 women) the influences of demographic, social, health, and recent life-change experiences were examined on four facets of academic self-concept and nine facets of nonacademic self-concept. Multiple regression analyses showed that, in general, past academic performance, family structure, and family satisfaction were(More)
Poor Data Quality is a serious problem affecting enterprises. Enterprise databases are large and manual data cleansing is not feasible. For such large databases it is logical to attempt to cleanse the data in an automated way. This has led to the development of commercial tools for automatic cleansing. However, offering data cleansing as a service has been(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to study the effect of addition of metal filler particles on different strengths of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and to evaluate the thermal perception in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was carried out in two parts. Part 1 of the study was an in vitro investigation regarding the effect of addition of metal(More)
Persons who are receiving evaluation and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases are at moderately increased risk for acquiring HIV infections. The scope of STD clinic services should be broadened to include counseling, education, and referral services for health needs related to risk of HIV infection.
Analysis of the restorative experiences and psychosocial benefits of wilderness river rafting trips of varying difficulty with 186 Canadian participants of different ages supported the restorative potential of natural settings for all age groups as measured by the Perceived Restorativeness Scale. The two-factor structure (General Restorativeness and(More)
CONTEXT This study is a continuation of the earlier studies and has been extended to investigate the potential forensic markers of elder abuse. AIMS To determine the prevalence of elder abuse in various outpatient departments (OPDs). To study the associated parameters related to the abuser and the abused. To determine the existence of potential forensic(More)
Psychosocial effects of oral cancer have been studied with less devotion to patient related problems like thanatophobia or fear of death in such individuals. Thanatophobia is measured using Death attitude profile (revised) along with four other dimensions of death. Fear of death that develops after definitive diagnosis of oral cancer has psychological(More)
AIM To evaluate the effect of priming the tooth surface with 2% chlorhexidine gluconate on antibacterial activity of resin cement. METHODS Ten patients in whom a single missing tooth was present on both the right and left side in the upper or lower arch were selected. Two fixed partial dentures (FPDs) in each patient on the right and left side were(More)
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