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The ascidian egg is a well-known mosaic egg. In order to investigate the molecular nature of the maternal genetic information stored in the egg, we have prepared cDNAs from the mRNAs in the fertilized eggs of the ascidian, Halocynthia roretzi. The cDNAs of the ascidian embryo were sequenced, and the localization of individual mRNA was examined in staged(More)
Recently, photograph browsing techniques became an active research topic. This paper proposes a visualization technique for browsing of large photograph collections arranged by co-occurrence of humans. As a preprocessing, the technique applies hierarchical clustering to the images based on their timestamps, and applies a face recognition technique to list(More)
We analyzed statistically two thousand orthodontic patients in Meikai University Hospital (formerly Josai Dental University Hospital) who have undergone treatment since the establishment of the hospital (1970-1985). By classifying the data in various ways, we obtained the following statistics; 1) The number of new patients increased quickly after the first(More)
Serious games based rehabilitation program needs a comprehensive and people-centred design for a better efficacy. In most studies benchmarking the computer-interaction interfaces is a prerequisite for adjusting the most appropriate user input for the rehabilitation application. The present study examines a comparison between three natural user interfaces(More)
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