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1. The physiological properties of the group of long hair sensilla of the trochanteral hair plate in the cockroach metathoracic leg were studied. The sensilla were divided into type I and type II according to their responses to imposed displacements. 2. Type I hair sensilla responded to dynamic displacements whereas type II hair sensilla responded to both(More)
1. The trochanteral hair-plate afferents in the metathoracic leg of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana, were stimulated electrically and at the same time intracellular recordings were made from either motoneurones, interneurones or afferent terminals within the methathoracic ganglion. 2. Activity in the hair-plate afferents evoked short latency excitatory(More)
Cantonese language rehabilitation in 28 prelingually deaf children who underwent cochlear implantation was evaluated. All patients were implanted with multichannel devices and the operations went smoothly. They all had improved scores on audiological assessments and speech perception tests. The speech evaluation tests included the recognition of sounds,(More)
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