Ripalta Stabile

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We employ simple geometrical rules to design a set of nanotopographies able to interfere with focal adhesion establishment during neuronal differentiation. Exploiting nanoimprint lithography techniques on cyclic-olefin-copolymer films, we demonstrate that by varying a single topographical parameter the orientation and maturation of focal adhesions can be(More)
A control plane is implemented to allow the first (to our knowledge) demonstration of scheduling and power leveling in a monolithically integrated 8×8 switch for multi-path and multi-wavelength routing on a data packet timescale. Automated control and path assessment is enabled under dynamically reconfigured wavelength-and-space routing. Eight data(More)
We analyse the transition from single mode waveguiding through to the whispering gallery regime in open waveguide micro-bends. 2D FDTD simulations reveal a critical sensitivity of bend loss and waveguiding properties to waveguide width. Vectorial mode-solver analysis identifies a regime of significant and deleterious mode mixing, even for structures(More)
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