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Neurogenesis, migration and maturation of ganglion cells in the posterior pole of chick retina have been studied using embryonic incorporation of [3H]thymidine, immunocytochemistry and retrograde labeling. Unlike previous studies, we have examined the neurogenesis of independently identified ganglion cells that have survived the period of naturally(More)
Migration and differentiation of immature neurons in the retina and optic tectum were studied using retrograde transport of DiI and immunocytochemistry. The results demonstrate that many of these cells migrate via a method of perikaryal translocation. DiI was applied to the optic nerves or tecta in fixed chick embryos (Embryonic Days 4-10); 1-2 months later(More)
Here we present the algorithms and extensions that produced our successful Othello-playing program, which finished among the top five programs of this year's Othello tournament. Specifically, we discuss a variety of search algorithms and extensions, as well as our algorithms for adaptive time-management, our efficient 'bit board' data structure, our(More)
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