Rinu Manacheril

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Lung dysfunction is an important part of the pathology of the neurodegenerative disorder, Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1). We have studied the pulmonary disease in the Npc1(NIH/NIH) mouse model. On histology, we find large numbers of alveolar foamy macrophages but no alveolar proteinosis. Lung weight as percent of body weight was markedly increased; using the(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary benign metastasizing leiomyoma (BML) is a rare disease with a malignant characteristic of spread from the uterus. Most cases are asymptomatic, and only 1% are associated with pneumothorax. CASE REPORT We present the case of a 42-year-old female with recurrent pneumothoraces leading to an incidental finding of diffuse bilateral(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to describe the quality of life of older adults with seizures or epilepsy and compare its psychosocial impact between those who were new diagnosed and those diagnosed before the age of 65. METHODS In-depth face to face interviews with open ended questions were conducted with two participant groups: Incident group: 42(More)
BACKGROUND Trigeminal trophic syndrome (TTS) is an uncommon disorder of the trigeminal nerve tract and trigeminal brainstem nucleus. The syndrome is characterized by a triad of unilateral crescentic ulcers with anesthesia and paresthesias of the involved trigeminal dermatomes. CASE REPORT A 24-year-old right-handed black female presented to our emergency(More)
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