Rintaro Yamaguchi

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We construct a regional comprehensive wealth as an indicator of sustainability in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Of particular interest is the change in wealth before and after a natural disaster, since the index could serve as a benchmark of investment into postdisaster reconstruction. We first discuss an optimum spatial unit of wealth accounting and(More)
This paper proposes the possible physics-based model for the conductive filament (CF) at the low-resistance state (LRS) of thin SiO<sub>2</sub> films that were formed by sputtering technique. The closed and analytical current models proposed here are examined by experimental results.
In this note, we investigate how the depreciation of a manufactured stock and the related accumulation of a waste stock can alter the optimal path of the capital-resource economy. It is shown that the optimal consumption path is affected by how the disuse pattern of the manufactured stock in question is distributed, specifically with forward-looking terms.
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