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UNLABELLED Milk is a highly nutritious natural product that provides not only a rich source of amino acids to the consumer but also hundreds of bioactive peptides and proteins known to elicit health-benefitting activities. We investigated the milk protein profile produced by Holstein and Jersey dairy cows maintained under the same diet, management and(More)
Three experiments (Exp.) were conducted to study the effects of dietary addition of an essential oil product (EO) based on eugenol and cinnamaldehyde (0, control, or 525 mg/d of Xtract 6965; Pancosma SA, Geneva, Switzerland) on ruminal fermentation, total-tract digestibility, manure gas emissions, N losses, and dairy cow performance. In Exp. 1 and 3, the EO(More)
Milk samples were collected from Holstein and Jersey breeds of dairy cattle maintained under the same management practices and environmental conditions over a seven-day period. Milk samples were collected twice daily from six cows of each breed as previously described (Tacoma et al., 2016) [1]. Samples were composited within individual cow over the(More)
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