Rino A Michelin

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Recently developed electron-poor Pt(II) catalyst 1 with the "green" oxidant 35% hydrogen peroxide displays high activity and complete substrate selectivity in the epoxidation of terminal alkenes(More)
New substituted benzyl iminoether derivatives of the type cis- and trans-[PtCl(2){E-N(H)C(OMe)CH(2)-C(6)H(4)-p-R}(2)] (R=Me (1a, 2a), OMe (3a, 4a), F (5a, 6a)) have been synthesized and characterized(More)
New benzyliminoether derivatives [PtCl2{N(H)=C(OMe)CH2Ph}2] of cis (1a, 1b) and trans (2a, 2b) geometry were prepared and characterized by means of elemental analysis, multinuclear NMR and FT-IR(More)
The reactions of cyclopropylamine, cyclopentylamine, and cyclohexylamine with trans-[PtCl2(NCMe)2] afforded the bis-cationic complexes trans-[Pt(amine)2(Z-amidine)2]2+[Cl-]2, 1-3. The solution(More)
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