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A new approach to intelligent gas sensor (IGS) design using a classifier based on adaptive resonance theory (ART) artificial neural network (ANN) is presented. Using published data of sensor arrays fabricated and characterised at our laboratory, we demonstrate excellent gas/odour identification performance of our classifier for a 4-gas, 4-sensor system to(More)
This paper presents a brief on evolution and subsequent developments in the field of Situation Method Engineering (SME) through exhaustive literature review. The efforts of the various method engineers are gathered, summarized and presented to show the overall growth of this vital discipline. This research paper starts with the assembly-based approaches and(More)
The Bat Algorithm (BA) is a bio-inspired algorithm authored by Xin-She Yang in 2010[8]. The bats use echolocation behavior, fluctuating pulse rates of ejaculation and modulation, to locate their dupe and hurdles. Same data set is also used to identify non-identical class of insects in the complete black out situation. The present research focuses on solving(More)
In this paper we are going to present our Method Configuration process in its generic form. A Method Configuration process with respect to the instantiation of a Configurable Meta model and Method configuration to the finest level of granularity has been envisaged in the present research. Emphasis is on a different selection of method elements in the method(More)
— In this paper, efficiency of machine learning algorithm, ACO has been improved for solving Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) in finding optimal path by varying its parameters (α and β explained later) using Fuzzy inference system. TSP is a NP hard combinatorial optimization problem which means no algorithm is known to solve it in polynomial time. Ant(More)
In software development process, the requirements are not stable and keep on changing according to the customers. In such dynamic situations the developers are required to use dynamic approaches for software development. The agile methodology provides dynamic methods such as extreme programming, scrum, feature driven approach and dynamic system development(More)
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