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— As modern software systems continue inexorably to increase in complexity and capability, users have become accustomed to periodic cycles of updating and upgrading to avoid obsolescence—if at some cost in terms of frustration. In the case of the U.S. military, having access to well-functioning software systems and underlying content is critical to national(More)
Computer models are routinely used for the design and analysis of chemical vapor deposition reactors. Accurate prediction of epitaxial thin film properties requires complete knowledge of the chemical reaction kinetics that occurs in the gas phase and at the deposition surface. The choice of reactor operating conditions and physical designs has a significant(More)
The development and application of a geometrically-based uniformity criterion is presented for film uniformity optimization in a radial-flow GaN epitaxy reactor system. In this multi-wafer reactor system, individual wafers rotate on a rotating susceptor in a planetary motion to reduce the effects of reactant depletion on deposition uniformity; the(More)
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