Rinie J van Wordragen-Vlaswinkel

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Randomized studies testing the clinical efficacy of platelet additive solutions (PASs) for storage of platelets are scarce and often biased by patient selection. We conducted a multicenter, randomized study to investigate clinical efficacy of platelets stored in PAS II versus plasma, also including patients with clinical complications associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Despite supportive care with platelet (PLT) transfusions, bleeding complications occur in a substantial number of patients with thrombocytopenia due to cytotoxic therapy. Moreover, refractoriness to PLT transfusions remains a frequently encountered problem. The clinical impact of PLT transfusion failure was investigated in 117 patients, part of a(More)
INTRODUCTION Bleeding is increasingly considered an important end point in clinical platelet transfusion studies. Accurate recording and adjudication into well-defined bleeding grades, however, remains a major challenge. METHODS We developed a computer algorithm for automatic adjudication. The algorithm's results were compared to those of three(More)
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