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There has been a remarkable increase in the data exchange over web and the widespread use of digital media. The mounting interest with reference to digital watermarking throughout the last decade is certainly due to the increase in the need of copyright protection. Applications of video watermarking in copy control, broadcast monitoring, finger printing,(More)
A Z-source boost dc-dc converter along with a multilevel inverter is proposed. In this work, the modified converter with conventional Z-source network has high voltage gain compared to the traditional boost dc-dc converters. It gives a common ground between the dc supply source and load output. The impedance network acts as a bridge connecting the source(More)
Video watermarking is well known as the process of embedding copyright information in video bit streams. It had been proposed in recent years to solve the problem of illegal manipulation and distribution of digital video. In this study, an effective, robust and imperceptible video watermarking algorithm was proposed for copyright protection. This algorithm(More)
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