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The region of retinal disparity that is effective in maintaining binocular alignment of the eyes was investigated by measuring the horizontal fusional amplitudes for fixation targets consisting of a small central cross to which peripheral lines having various disparities were added. It was found that the addition of peripheral targets significantly(More)
Transient visual evoked responses (VER's) to the appearance-disappearance of sinusoidal gratings have been investigated for a range of spatial frequencies. Contrary to the results of previous studies, the results show that the transient VER consists of a relatively simple waveform that is most easily characterized by the initial negative peak (N1) whose(More)
Normal human ERGs were recorded from a dark-adapted subject using white and colored test flashes. Oscillatory potentials (OPs) were studied after high-pass digital filtering. When blue and red responses were compared at equivalent photopic intensities, OPs were visible at much lower intensities for the blue flashes. As the intensity was reduced from(More)
Horizontal fusional limits and lateral phorias were measured subjectively on five normal subjects after adaptation to increments of base-in and base-out prism. Both the phoria and the fusional limits were found to change by approximately the amount of the adapting prism. The fusional amplitudes (the difference between the phoria and the fusional limits)(More)
Wind tunnels are being used to study the aerodynamic properties of race cars, fighter planes etc. It allows us to make a reusable prototype and test it in the tunnel. Hypersonic wind tunnels operate at hypersonic speeds ie, with a mach number greater than 6. For doing experiments, it is necessary to maintain a constant pressure in the settling chamber of(More)
Single mode, polarisation independent filters with large free spectral range are basic requirements for optical networks. In this paper we discuss (with experimental results) the possibility of establishing such devices upon small strip waveguides in silicon-on-insulator (SOI). Discussion: Due to the compatibility with single mode fibre dimensions as well(More)
i. Important differences exist between sire breeds in progeny survival with the Southdown being best and the Romney poorest. 2. Progeny of long-wool sires, and particularly the Lincoln, clip more wool at post-weaning shearing than of the Down breeds, which exhibit quite small variation. 3. Sire breeds vary in average liveweight growth of their progeny, the(More)
Experiments have been carried out over 8 years to investigate systems of lamb production designed to make the fullest use of grassland, based on high levels of prolificacy of the ewes and high annual stocking rates per hectare. The results show that for suckled fat lamb production, both the Border Leicester /Cheviot and East Fviesland /Blackface crosses(More)
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