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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) potentiates excitatory synapses in a variety of systems by promoting presynaptic transmitter release. The existing evidence indicates that BDNF attenuates inhibitory transmission, but reports differ considerably in their characterization of the effect and proposed mechanisms. We examined the effects of exogenously(More)
1. Water compartmentalization in the turtle cerebellum subject to media of different osmolalities was quantified by combining extracellular diffusion analysis with wet weight and dry weight measurements. The diffusion analysis also determined the tortuosity of the extracellular space. 2. Isolated cerebella were immersed in normal, oxygenated physiological(More)
  • H M S O Belfast, R A Wardle, +4 authors S Second
  • 2008
in meat depressed in price. It is a hindrance to the development of the export of cattle and meat. The infestation in men and cattle can be eradicated by: (1) Efficient ascertainment of human cases and prompt disinfestation in hospital. (2) Thorough cooking of all beef and beef products before they are eaten. (3) Provision of cattle drinking water from the(More)
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