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  • P Ara, K R Goodearl, K C O 'meara, R Raphael
  • 1999
For any (unital) exchange ring R whose finitely generated projective modules satisfy the separative cancellation property (A ⊕ A ∼ = A ⊕ B ∼ = B ⊕ B =⇒ A ∼ = B), it is shown that all invertible square matrices over R can be diagonalized by elementary row and column operations. Consequently, the natural homomorphism GL 1 (R) → K 1 (R) is surjective. In(More)
scattered spaces: a new generalization of scattered spaces. Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic provides access to digitized documents strictly for personal use. Each copy of any part of this document must contain these Terms of use. This paper has been digitized, optimized for electronic delivery and stamped with(More)
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