Rinat Armony-Sivan

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Maternal iron status is thought to be related to postpartum depressive symptoms. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between pre- and postnatal maternal iron status and depressive symptoms in pilot (n = 137) and confirmatory (n = 567) samples of Chinese women. Iron status was evaluated at mid- and late pregnancy and 3 days(More)
This study considered effects of timing and duration of iron deficiency (ID) on frontal EEG asymmetry in infancy. In healthy term Chinese infants, EEG was recorded at 9 months in three experimental conditions: baseline, peek-a-boo, and stranger approach. Eighty infants provided data for all conditions. Prenatal ID was defined as low cord ferritin or high(More)
This study examined the effect of sad prosody on hemispheric specialization for word processing using behavioral and electrophysiological measures. A dichotic listening task combining focused attention and signal-detection methods was conducted to evaluate the detection of a word spoken in neutral or sad prosody. An overall right ear advantage together with(More)
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