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The principal aims of this study have been to elucidate the nature of glycoconjugates produced by the two distinct parts of bovine Brunner glands, peripheral and central areas of lobules, and to investigate the presence of sialyl acid residues. Bovine duodenal tissues, embedded in paraffin wax, were investigated by means of both conventional histochemical(More)
The photodynamic sensitizer hematoporphyrin (HP) IX was efficiently accumulated by Ceratitis capitata (Mediterranean fruit fly) and Bactrocera oleae (olive fly) when the insects were fed with a sugar/protein bait containing micromolar amounts of porphyrin. Hematoporphyrin appeared to be mainly accumulated in the midgut, Malpighian tubes, adipose tissue and(More)
The study aimed to characterize muscle fiber type of the pectoralis major muscle of slow-growing chickens belonging to the Padovana local breed, the commercial strain Berlanda gaina, and their cross. Forty-five chickens (both males and females) from the different genotypes were grown up to 180 d. Histochemical and morphometrical analyses were performed to(More)
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