Rina Rani Ray

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We read all news items that came out between 1996 and 2000 on 458 internet IPOs and a matching sample of 458 non-internet IPOs – a total of 171,488 news items – and classify each news item as good news, neutral news, or bad news. We first document that the media was more positive for internet IPOs in the period of the dramatic rise in share prices, and was(More)
Diospyrin, a bis-naphthoquinone derivative, isolated from a plant, known for its antitumour properties against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in Swiss A mice, exhibits antiprotozoal activity towards L. donovani promastigotes in culture.
Blood hemoglobin level, hematocrit value and erythrocyte count were reduced by 17.5, 17.4 and 15.9%, respectively, as compared to the controls, in Swiss mice treated intraperitoneally with hexavalent chromium (4 mg of potassium dichromate per Kg for 5 day per week) for 2 weeks. Echinocytic transformation of 33.8% erythrocytes, as revealed by both light and(More)
Rhizopus oryzae PR7 MTCC 9642 was a dimorphic fungus that showed a regular 90 days cycle of filament (mycelium) to pellet (yeast) transformation through a distinct bottom dwelling intermediate state and the pellets never revert back to filamentous form. Apart from the normal cycle, high temperature (37°C and above) and extreme pH also induced the yeast(More)
The production cost of β-glucosidase and endoglucanase could be reduced by using water hyacinth, an aquatic weed, as the sole carbon source and using cost-efficient fermentation strategies like solid-state fermentation (SSF). In the present study, the effect of different production conditions on the yield of β-glucosidase and endoglucanase by Rhizopus(More)
An alkalophilic strain of Penicillium sp. RR 99 was isolated that was found to synthesise extra-cellular alpha-amylase and xylanase, when cultivated in presence of starch and xylan respectively. The strain showed maximum alpha-amylolytic activity on 4th day and maximum xylanolytic activity on 6th day of cultivation. The ability of the strain to hydrolyse(More)
The adsorption kinetics and activities of endoglucanase enzyme from Rhizopus oryzae were evaluated using activated commercial charcoal as adsorbent. The effect of various experimental parameters on adsorption of endoglucanase such as initial enzyme concentration, amount of adsorbent, contact time and temperature were investigated. The pseudo-first-order and(More)
cis-Platinum diamminodichloride (II) encapsulated in neutral liposomes has been used to enhance the activity of the drug on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice. Both in vitro and in vivo experiments have revealed that better regression in tumor growth and cure, could be achieved with a lower dose, having apparently no toxic effect, by liposomal encapsulation(More)