Rina Nakazawa

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Survey of research papers is not an easy task for novice researchers, because they are not always good at finding all appropriate keywords for the survey. Moreover, it is not easy for them to understand positions of papers in their research fields instantly, even when they use famous search engines like Google Scholar, it may often take a long time for them(More)
A gene network is constructed with genes as nodes, and interactions between genes as edges so as to reveal unknown gene functions and relationship. However, nodes and edges of gene networks are usually very numerous. Because of that, it may be difficult to understand relations between genomic functions and gene-gene interactions, if it is visualized by(More)
Directed graphs are used to represent variety of information, including friendship on social networking services (SNS), pathways of genes, and citations of research papers. Graph drawing is useful to intuitively represent such datasets. This paper presents an edge bundling and a node layout technique for tightly and mutually connected directed graphs. Our(More)
The efficiency of datacenters is important consideration for cloud service providers to make their datacenters always ready for fulfilling the increasing demand for computing resources. Container-based virtualization is one approach to improving efficiency by reducing the overhead of virtualization. Resource overcommitment is another approach, but cloud(More)
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