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A retrospective analysis was performed of CT scans of 30 consecutive patients with a clinical suspicion or diagnosis of spinal tuberculosis. Four patterns of bone destruction were noted, namely, fragmentary, osteolytic, subperiosteal and well-defined lytic with sclerotic margins. The fragmentary type was most common (47%). Intervertebral disc destruction(More)
Association of syringomyelia with retrocerebellar arachnoid cysts is rare. A case of 14 year old female is being reported, who presented with hydrocephalus caused by a large midline retrocerebellar infravermal arachnoid cyst leading to obstruction of the outlet foramina of the fourth ventricle. There was associated syringomyelia. The pathogenesis of(More)
AIM To prove the hypothesis that acute bone infarcts in sickle cell disease are caused by sequestration of red blood cells (RBCs) in bone marrow, and to evaluate the unenhanced T1 fat-saturated (fs) sequence in the differentiation of acute bone infarction from acute osteomyelitis in patients with sickle-cell disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two studies were(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme is one of the commonest primary malignant tumours of the brain with rare incidence of extracranial metastases. Systemic dissemination via the CSF or CSF diversionary shunt procedures is also rare. The reported 9-year-old child was a case of thalamic glioblastoma with hydrocephalus who underwent biventriculoperitoneal shunting before(More)
A Gram-positive, endospore-forming, alkalitolerant bacterial strain, designated MLB2T, was isolated from soil from Leh, India, and was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. The strain exhibited phenotypic properties that included chemotaxonomic characteristics consistent with its classification in the genus Bacillus. Growth was observed at pH 7.0-11.0,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) have an increased prevalence of gallstones. AIMS To study prospectively the incidence of gallstones and gall bladder contractility in patients with SCI. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty six consecutive patients with SCI were studied: 18 patients with SCI above thoracic 10 neuronal segment (> T10) and 18(More)
Tubercular meningitis and intracranial tuberculomas are the two frequent manifestations of neurotuberculosis with their variable incidence in different countries. Brain stem tuberculomas are even more unusual, accounting for 2.5-8% of all intracranial tuberculomas. We present here six paediatric cases of brain stem tuberculosis, where well-formed(More)
Vascular complications associated with renal transplantation merit urgent investigation since they are often correctable, and timely intervention can help salvage the graft kidney. Contrast-enhanced MR angiography (CE-MRA) is a promising non-invasive technique, uses relatively non-nephrotoxic contrast agents and can rapidly demonstrate the underlying lesion(More)