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Bucket elimination is an algorithmic framework that generalizes dynamic programming to accommodate many problem-solving and reasoning tasks. Algorithms such as directional-resolution for propositional sat-issability, adaptive-consistency for constraint satisfaction, Fourier and Gaussian elimination for solving linear equalities and inequalities, and dynamic(More)
Researchers m the areas of constramt sattsfactton problems, logtc programmmg, and truth mamte-nance systems have suggested vartous schemes for enhancmg the performance of the backtracking algorithm Thts paper defines and compares the performance of three such schemes "backlumpmg," "learmng," and "cycle-cutset " The backlumpmg and the cycle-cutset methods(More)
In this paper we study the properties of the class of head-cycle-free extended disjunctive logic programs (HEDLPs), which includes, as a special case, all nondisjunctive extended logic programs. We show that any propositional HEDLP can be mapped in polynomial time into a propositional theory such that each model of the latter corresponds to an answer set,(More)
Constraint networks have been shown to be useful in formulating such diverse problems as scene labeling, natural language parsing, and temporal reasoning. Given a constraint network, we often wish to (i) find a solution that satisfies the constraints and (ii) find the corresponding minimal network where the constraints are as explicit as possible. Both(More)
This paper reports several properties of heuristic best-first search strategies whose scoring functions &fnof; depend on all the information available from each candidate path, not merely on the current cost <italic>g</italic> and the estimated completion cost <italic>h</italic>. It is shown that several known properties of A* retain their form (with the(More)