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In this paper we study the properties of the class of head-cycle-free extended disjunctive logic programs (HEDLPs), which includes, as a special case, all nondisjunctive extended logic programs. We show that any propositional HEDLP can be mapped in polynomial time into a propositional theory such that each model of the latter corresponds to an answer set,(More)
Bucket elimination is an algorithmic framework that generalizes dynamic programming to accommodate many problem-solving and reasoning tasks. Algorithms such as directional-resolution for propositional satis ability, adaptive-consistency for constraint satisfaction, Fourier and Gaussian elimination for solving linear equalities and inequalities, and dynamic(More)
This paper reports several properties of heuristic best-first search strategies whose scoring functions &fnof; depend on all the information available from each candidate path, not merely on the current cost <italic>g</italic> and the estimated completion cost <italic>h</italic>. It is shown that several known properties of A* retain their form (with the(More)
1 Introduction Constraint-based reasoning is a paradigm for formulating knowledge as a set of constraints without specifying the method by which these constraints are to be satised. A variety of techniques have been developed for nding partial or complete solutions for dierent kinds of constraint expressions. These have been successfully applied to diverse(More)