Rimtautas Piskarskas

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Experiments show that the spatiotemporal spectral broadening of an intense pump pulse in a Kerr medium in the presence of strong higher-order dispersion does not lead to symmetric profiles, and hence cannot be interpreted as standard modulational instability of a plane and monochromatic nonlinear eigenmode. The highly asymmetric features of the generated (K(More)
Measurements of the spatio-temporal and far-field profiles of ultrashort laser pulses experiencing conical emission, continuum generation, and beam filamentation in a Kerr medium outline the spontaneous formation of wave packets with X -like features, thus supporting recent numerical results [M. Kołesik, E. Wright, and J. Moloney, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92,(More)
We have monitored the space-time transformation of a 150-fs pulse undergoing self-focusing and filamentation in water, by means of the nonlinear gating technique. We have observed that pulse splitting and subsequent recombination apply to axial temporal intensity only, whereas the space-integrated pulse profile preserves its original shape.
By means of a quantitative shadowgraphic method, we performed a space-time characterization of the refractive index variation and transient absorption induced by a light-plasma filament generated by a 120 fs laser pulse in water. The formation and evolution of the plasma channel in the proximity of the nonlinear focus were observed with a 23 fs time(More)
By means of a time-resolved, shadowgraphic method we observed directly the development of the pulse-splitting dynamics of a femtosecond laser pulse propagating in the filamentary regime in water. For the first time to our knowledge, the relative splitting velocity was measured. We compare the experimental data with numerical simulations. A possible scenario(More)
We study numerically and experimentally self-focusing dynamics of femtosecond light pulses. By demonstrating the potential of three dimensional imaging technique for quantitative recovery of complex (arbitrarily shaped) wave packets, we monitor space-time transformation dynamics of 150-fs light pulse, which undergoes self-focusing and filamentation in(More)
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