Rimon Tadross

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Gender classification from fingerprints is an important step in forensic anthropology in order to identify the gender of a criminal and minimize the list of suspects search. A dataset of 10-fingerprint images for 2200 persons of different ages and gender (1100 males and 1100 females) was analyzed. Features extracted were; ridge count, ridge thickness to(More)
Fingerprint evidence is undoubtedly the most reliable and acceptable evidence till date in the court of law. Due to the immense potential of fingerprints as an effective method of identification an attempt has been made in the present work to analyze their correlation with gender of an individual. This prospective study was carried out over a period of 2(More)
Humans have distinctive and unique traits which can be used to distinguish them thus, acting as a form of identification. Biometrics identify people by measuring some aspect of individual’s anatomy or physiology such as hand geometry or fingerprint which consists of a pattern of interleaved ridges and valleys. The year 2015 election in Nigeria was greeted(More)
Introduction: The clinical outcome of a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is mainly determined by the accuracy of the surgical procedure itself. The use of patient–specific computer knee models for preoperative planning along with intraoperative surgical guidance enables the surgeon to plan the optimal strategy and to precisely complete this planned strategy(More)
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