Rimon Orni

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We present and examine the following Serialize-to-Parallelize Paradox: suppose a programmer has a parallel algorithm in mind; the programmer must serialize the algorithm , and is actually trained to suppress its parallelism, while writing code; later, however, compilation and runtime techniques are used to reverse the results of this seri-alization eeort(More)
Parallel computing on clusters of workstations and personal computers has very high potential, since it leverages existing hardware and software. In fact, there are a number of existing commercial parallel programming environments that can run on top of clusters of workstations, for example, PVM, IBM PPE and EXPRESS by Parasoft. Parallel programming(More)
Existzng programming envtronments for clusters are typically bualt on top of a potnt-to-poznt communacatton layer (send and recezve) over local area networks ( L A N s ) and, as a result sufler from poor performance a n the collective communzcation pait For example, a broadcast that as amplemented using a TCP/IP proiocol (whzch IS a poant-to-point protocol)(More)
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